1. She must pay Tk. 10,000 in advance for two months dining and hostel charges. Besides, she has to pay Tk. 10,000 in advance as security money which will be refunded to her at the time of leaving the hostel after 18 months. She will take the same dishes/food as other GK workers. One has to take the charge of mess-manager by turn. She should bring her plate, glass, mosquito-net and bedding.

2. One hour’s gardening and farming in the morning is compulsory. No excuse in this regard is acceptable.

3. She must take part in the cleaning campaign with other workers in the morning. She will clean her room, bathroom, corridor, and staircase by routine. There is no cleaner or sweeper for this purpose.

4. No electric oven, iron, kettle or any other electric appliance is allowed in the room. If anybody uses such device/s others must bring it to the notice of the authority. Otherwise both are equally punishable. Any heater, if found in the room, will be forfeited. The student involved may be fined a minimum of Tk. 2000; even her allotment may be cancelled. However, she may use a radio set in a low volume in her room.

5. If she wants to stay outside on holiday/s, she must inform the hostel warden in writing for permission. She herself must write down the time of her departure and return in the register book kept at the gate, otherwise it would be considered as negligence to duty and discipline and her seat may be cancelled.

6. If one is late to get up in the morning for more than three days in a month she will be penalized and if it happens so for consecutive three months, her allotment will be cancelled.

7. Guardians and visitors will wait in the waiting room and meet their wards there. No relative is allowed to come inside the dormitory rooms and neither any relative nor any friend can stay overnight. If she breaks this rule she will be fined a minimum of Tk. 1000 and her allotted seat will be cancelled.

8. None can use strong / peevish cosmetics or lipsticks and other harmful cosmetics. Dress code prevailing for GK’s workers must also be followed by the students of GB. Rules and regulations applicable to ordinary workers of GK have to be followed by the students.

9. She must work together with the members of GK in preparing food or packaging for 2-4 hours a day during natural disaster. In such case no excuse will be accepted.

10. Cycling and swimming must be learnt for working in the villages.

11. Rules prevailing in GK are equally applicable to the students living in the dormitory. They must learn other rules and regulations by themselves.

12. Students can take part in different meetings of GK, if they wish.

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