About the library:

Gono Bishwabidyalay inherited 2 library (Science and Arst Faculty ) from Gonosathay Kandry (GK) which is  in the total 10,350 square feet. It is 350 seated and fully air conditioned. Gono Bishwabidyalay of Bangladesh has a potentially developed library having a considerable   stock of original texts, books and references, journals, Compact Discs (CDs), etc.  for each discipline. It is striving to provide access to the appropriate software required to ensure successful learning outcomes in each subject.

The Library uses computerized Documentation System(CDS) and Integrated Set for Information System(ISIS)
provided by UNESCO. GB is trying to be a member of University Digital Library which can provides e-resources of JSTOR, ACM, Emerald, IEEE and Wiley. These is an organization committed to the electronic archivist of scholarly journals and literature. So we can easily use of E-books and E-journals.

Library Resources:

The Library has comprehensive collections to meet the needs of its users. The Library provides a variety of services designed to support students, faculty members, researchers, and staff members of Gono Bishwabidyalay Bangladesh. The GB Library develops and maintains extensive print and resources to support the research, teaching and learning
activities of the University.
At present its total collection of books is 33,431 and total Collection of Journals ( Old and new) is 435. The core collections encompass subjects in medical science books, computer, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Political Science, mechanical, food science, animal health, human health, business, banking and accounting, History, Literature, humanities, art and design, biological and life sciences, Veterinary and Animal
Science, Bangladesh studies, International Relation etc.
A total number of 986 books have been purchased for the library in the fiscal year 2016-2017. New titles recommended by the Head of the departments and faculty members are procured every year to enrich the library.

The library subscribes substantial number of daily newspapers, magazines, fortnightly, and research journals. Different news-clippings on current publications and contemporary global events are readily available to keep the readers up-dated. The information sources are easily accessible, relevant, reliable and of high quality.



           Library Services:

1.      Reading Room service: The Library offers two types of reading room services , one is Student Study area and   another is Teacher  study area. Library Authority strongly maintains and observes the readers activities to ensure the good reading environment facilities.

2.      Lending Service: Library members are entitled to borrow books and other reading materials for their own use through  Library and web-based online lending and receiving services. The users can also check their borrowing status, renew issued resources and can reserve One books at a time for 48 hours through the library.

3.     Reference Service: Reference materials (Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Newspapers, Journals, Magazines, Reports, Theses, etc.) are for use inside the library; they cannot be issued out. Users may borrow books CD/DVDs marked as Confined for few hours through ID card for photocopying.

4.     Current Awareness Service: The library regularly keeps its users aware of the new arrivals of resources and services through current awareness service (CAS) using modern techniques and technologies.

5.      Information Retrieval Service: Information retrieval services are available for all users.

6.     Photocopy services: Library provides photocopy facilities to the library members from library materials if it is permitted under the national and international copyright laws, rule and regulations.

7.      Internet service: Apart from the GB computer lab, the library has 9 (Nine) computers inside the library to provide internet services through WIFI & WIMAX technology.

8.      News clipping service: News clipping services on important subject are providing on regular basis for library users. In addition There is a newspaper corner in library where 10 (Ten) leading daily Newspaper is kept for students. Library users may get back issues of newspaper up to the last 01 (one) year.

9.      Library Orientation: The library arranges orientation program every semester for the new students to demonstrate
how to use the university library systems and services effectively. It also arranges library literacy class among the teachers, students and staff members.

10.   Confined section Service :  Confined Section are available only for Teachers.  By this section they can easily find rare books and others collections in Library.


      Library Membership:

1)       Bring 1 stamp size photo with GB ID Library (student and Teachers).

2)       Bring Pay Slip of Current Semester Tuition Fees (for Students) to Library Circulation Desk.

3)      Membership need to be renewed in each Semester showing pay Slip of tuition fees (for students).

4)     All Students, Teachers, Officer, teaching assistants, research assistants of GB are entitled to become library members.



           Library’s Borrowing Rules:

1.      One student can Borrow one book for 2 days. If necessary they can renew the book for one day. Teachers can borrow 5 books for 15 days.  Renew facilities is available for them.

2.      If Students lost books, there is no option fine waiver except medical ground. For fine waiver or reduction of fines, students may apply to the vice chancellor through Librarian mentioning the paper reasons along with relevant doctor’s prescription or Hospital’s document.

3.      The Borrower must replace the lost books or CD/DVD-ROM by a new and unused copy of the same authors, title and edition.

4.     Replacement /compensation procedure for lost or damaged items should be completed within next 7 days after application.


          Library Entrance Rules (General instruction for the users):


1)      The library is open to all who have valid students of GB as Library membership card. Without student ID card no one can be entrance inside the library.

2)      Silence is to be strictly maintained in the library.

3)      Seats and computer terminals of the library are not allowed.

4)      One computer for one user only, maximum using period 45 minutes at a time. Users can be used their personal laptop also.

5)     The consumption of foods and drinks and use of personal audio-video equipments are not permitted in the library.

6)      Personal books, bags or any other files are not allowed inside the library. They can use library shelf for keep these.   

7)      Mobile phone should be switched off or silent  inside the library.

8)      Exercise khata,  pens, pencil, rubber, calculators, loose pages etc. are allowed inside the library.

9)     Users’ who have been found  guilty of misconduct, or who interfere with the comfort of others, make excessive noise, cause damage in the library, and disfigure or mutilate any library
material  in any way in the opinion of the library personnel, may be excluded for the remainder of     that day and shall compensate the university for any damage caused.


                            Library Staff:    At present there  are 8 employees including a librarian and a deputy librarian. 


                           Library Period:

Arts faculty library maintains 6 days a working week. It is open Saturday through Thursday from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm. Another Science and Medical faculty library maintains 2 shift library period. Morning shift from 8.30am to 3.30pm and evening shift from 2.30am to 8.00 pm. It remains closed on public holidays and other dates announced by the university authority.


Contact Info

Nolam, P.O. Mirzanagar via Savar Cantonment,
Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka-1344.

Telephone: 44073018-19, 01732869379, 01727684880, 01711021617, 01714269089

PABX: 44073007-08, Fax: 44073009-10


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