Contact number: 01769760880

Sharmin Sultana Rakhi


B. Sc. (Honours), M. Sc. (JU)


Joined Gono Bishwabidyalay on 14.09.2019

Research (National and International):

List of Publications:


  1. M. Hosen, S. S. Rakhi, M. Alfakeer, M. M. Rahman, S. Mahbub, M. A. Hoque, D. Kumar, The influence of organic and inorganic additives on the polymermediated phase separation of Triton X-100, Journal of Molecular Liquids 335 (2021) 116182., Publisher: Elsevier, Netherland.
  2. M. Alam, M. J. Mia, M. A. Mamun, S. S. Rakhi, K. A. Azam, S. Ghosh, C–H activation of caffeine at triruthenium and triosmium centers, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 944 (2021) 121791., Publisher: Elsevier, Netherland.
  3. S.S. Rakhi, S.K. Mahalanobish, M.R. Amin, M.R. Molla, S. Mahbub, M.A. Rub, M.A. Hoque, M.M. Alotaibi, A.M. Asiri, The thermodynamic interaction and energetics of SDS and paracetamol in presence of zinc sulfate in an aqueous media, Chemical Papers. Publisher: Springer, Switzerland.