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S. M. Fahad (On Study Leave)

Assistant Lecturer

B. Sc. (Honours), M. Sc. (JU)


Joined Gono Bishwabidyalay on 14.09.2019

Research (National and International):

List of publications:

  1. Akter, S., Fahad, S.M., S.S. Ashrafi, et al., MJ Abedin, YN Jolly, MJ Kabir, M Safiur Rahman, Bilkis A Begum, KM Mamun, Md Ali, Elemental Analysis of Basella albaSpinacia oleraceaAbelmoschus esculentus (L.), Ipomoea aquaticaColocasia esculentaAmaranthus dubius, and Raphanus sativus Vegetables Using the PIXE Technique in a Saline Region of Bangladesh, Rampal Area. Biol Trace Elem Res (2021). USA
  2. S.M. Fahad, M.Z. Hossain, S.S. Ashrafi, M.J. Abedin, F. A. Sabbir Ahamed, M.H. Ali, S.S. Reya, “TRACE AND HEAVY ELEMENTAL CONCENTRATION ANALYSIS OF BANGLADESHI MEDICINAL PLANTS USING PROTON INDUCED X-RAY EMISSION TECHNIQUE.” International Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Research, vol. 07, no. 01, 2021, pp. 17–34., doi:org/10.51193/IJAER.2021.7102. India.
  3. S.M. Fahad, S.S. Ashrafi, M.J. Abedin, M.O.Rahman, F.A. Sabbir Ahamed, S.S. Reya, M.H. Ali, M.Z. Hossain, A. Al Rony and M.K. Islam, Assessment of the concentration levels of heavy and trace elements in fish using Proton-Induced Gamma Emission, International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry (GEAC) (2021), UK.
  4. S.S. Ashrafi, M. K. Hossain, M. M. Islam, M. U. Hossain, S. M. Fahad, M. Kamrujjaman, & M. O. Rahman, Characterization and Fabrication of Pb-Based Perovskites Solar Cells under Atmospheric Condition and Stability Enhancement. Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry10(11) (2020) 282-296. doi: 10.4236/ampc.2020.1011022.Netherland.
  5. M. Fahad, Md. JoynalAbedin,Md. Obaidur Rahman, Md. Abdullah Al Rony, F. A., SabbirAhamed, M. AjijulHoq “Elemental Study of Bangladeshi Fish Samples Using PIGE Technique” European Scientific Journal, 14 (2018) 371-387. Doi:10.19044/esj.2018.v14n18p371
  6. AjijulHoq, M.A. MalekSoner, M.A. Salam, Salma Khanom, S.M. Fahad “Assessment of N-16 activity concentration in BAEC TRIGA Research Reactor” Nuclear Engineering and Technology, 50 (2017) 165-169.
  7. AjijulHoqa,, M.A. MalekSoner, M.A. Salam, M.M. Haque, Salma Khanom, S.M. Fahad “Experimental study of radiation dose rate at different strategic points of the BAEC TRIGA Research Reactor”, Applied Radiation and Isotopes 130 (2017) 29–33. doi: 10.1016/j.apradiso.2017.09.001.
  8. AjijulHoq M, MalekSoner M.A, SalamM.A, Khanom Salma, Fahad S.M. “Estimation of Na-24 activity concentration in BAEC TRIGA Research Reactor” Result in Physics, 7(2017), 975-979.
  9. Fahad SM, Islam AFM, Ahmed M, Uddin N, Alam MR, Alam MF, Khalik MF, Hossain MS, Hossain ML, Abedin MJ.“Determination of Elemental Composition ofMalabar spinach, Lettuce, Spinach, Hyacinth Bean, andCauliflower Vegetables Using Proton Induced X-Ray EmissionTechnique at Savar Sub district in Bangladesh” BioMed Research International 2015, 1-10,
  10. Fahad SM,Abedin MJ, Hasan MM, Rahman MO, Islam SMA, Akramuzzaman MM, Russell “Study of elemental profile of some medicinal plants of Bangladesh”. Journal of Nuclear and Particle Physics, 4 (2014) 1-6. doi:10.5923/j.jnpp.20140401.01.
  11. Abedin MJ, Islam SMA,Fahad SM,Haque AKMF, Akter S,Shariff A.“Characterization of IBA facilities at the 3 MV VDG Accelerator laboratory of Atomic Energy Centre Dhaka.” Jahangirnagar University Journal of Science, Bangladesh Vol. 36 (2), 2013 105-110.
  12. Fahad SM, Rahman MO, Shariff MA, Akramuzzaman MM, Islam SMA, Russell M.“Analysis of Elemental Profile of Available Medicinal Plants at Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.”Jahangirnagar University Journal of Science, Bangladesh Vol. 36(2), 2013 37-48.

List of Conference paper:

  1. 121st Scientific Meeting of Japanese Journal of Medical Physics, Vol.41 Supplement No.1 April 2021, IS-011: ‘Characterization of radio waste and radiation dose assessment of TRIGA MARK II research reactor in Bangladesh’, S M Fahad, Shah Sultan Ashrafi, Md. Khairul Islam, Md. Hazrat Ali
  2. 121st Scientific Meeting of Japanese Journal of Medical Physics, Vol.41 Supplement No.1 April 2021, IS-012: ‘Determination of elemental study of Bangladeshi medicinal plants using the proton induced x-ray emission technique’, S.M. Fahad, Shah Sultan Ashrafi, Md. Joynal Abedin, Mohammad Obaidur Rahman, F.A. Sabbir Ahamed, Sanjida Sultana Reya, Md. Hazrat Ali, Md. Khairul islam
  3. A.S. Ahamed, S. M. Fahad, M.A. Hoq, “ Major Elemental Concentration Analysis in Several Medicinal Plants by Utilizing 3MV Tandem Accelerator Facilities” Conference 5-7 January,2017, Atomiv Energy Center Dhaka.
  4. AjijulHoq M., MalekSoner M. A., Salam M. A., Haque M. M., Salma Khanom, Fahad SM., 2016. Measurement of activity concentration for radionuclides in the primary coolant of BAEC TRIGA Research Reactor. International Conference on Physics, 10 – 12 March, 2016, Bangladesh Physical Society.


  1. Fahad SM, Abedin MJ, Shariff MA. “Investigation of Elemental Profile of Medicinal Plants in Bangladesh”. ISBN. 978-3-8484-9114-8, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany.