A special The live streaming session on IDMP on 7th November: AMPICON JAipur

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This year 150th birth anniversary of Madam Marie Curie celebrated at Jaipur, India along with conference on 7th November. This year’s celebration is dedicat-ed to women with the theme “Medical Physics: Providing a Holistic Approach to Women Patients and Women Staff Safety in Radiation Medicine” and provided the opportunity to understand and tackle the concerns and haz-ards of the use of ionizing radiation in healthcare from women’s perspective. This IDMP celebration was webcasted live of 02 hours session

 from Jaipur along with the live webcasts from the IAEA and the WHO. The whole program is conducted by Prof Dr John Damilakis, IDMP cooprnator IOMP and Prof Slavik  Tabakov President IOMP.  The speakers are Dr. H. Anupama Azhari Dr. Virginia Tsapaki, Dr. Shobha Jayaprakash, Dr. Eva Bezak. Her speech was on Medical Physics Contribution To Women’s Health And Radiation Safety