Department of Environmental Science

Faculty Members:

Name: Mr. Mesbah-us-Saleheen

Designation: Professor (Part-time)

Education: M.A (DU) M.Phil. (NewZealand)

Mobile:  01715 101990


Joining Date: August, 2010
Teaching Interest: Environmental; Population; Human Geography; Urbanization.


Mr. Saleheen has his M.A in Geography and M.Phil from New Zealand. He has several papers to his credit.



Urbanization in Bangladesh, in J. Lidstone (ed.) Global Issues of our Time (Text-Book), Cambridge University Press, Sydney, Australia, 1995, (Joint).

Environmental Impacts in Chittagong Hill Tracts due to Human Interference. The Journal of Geo-Environment, No. 1, 101-112, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi. 2001

Ageing and Urbanization in Bangladesh. CUS Bulletin on Urbanization and Development, No. 42,  9-10. Centre for Urban Studies, Dhaka. January-June. 2002